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After completing the application process and confirming your eligibility for DSA’s, you can now book a Needs Assessment to ascertain the ways in which DSA’s can assist you during your studies. You can find your nearest assessment centre using our Locator.

What is a needs assessment?

The assessment is an informal meeting lasting around 1.5 to 2 hours. Your assessment will take place with a specialist assessor who will have specialist knowledge relevant to your disability or specific learning difficulty. The information you have provided before your assessment enables the assessor to conduct pre-assessment research and have some background information about you and your disability before meeting you. The assessor will ask more in-depth questions about your disability and the impact this has on your studies before they go on to discuss and demonstrate a range of specialist equipment and software. You will have an opportunity for you to trial any relevant products. Other appropriate support and strategies will also be discussed, as will ways that your Higher Educational Institution can help you.

During the meeting the assessor will summarise the recommendations and you will have an opportunity to ask any questions

The assessment fee is paid for through any DSA entitlement you may have.

What happens after the Needs Assessment?

After the assessment, you will receive a Needs Assessment Report listing equipment and other support you can get for your course. This will be summarised in your DSA2 letter which is sent to you from your funding body and will provide instructions on how to put your support into place. It is important that you do not buy any equipment until you’ve been assessed – you will not be reimbursed for it!

Please click here to find out more about receiving your support.

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